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Prof. Dr. Md Shofiul Hasan

Professor, Pyscriatics

Best Psychiatrist in Chittagong


A psychiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. They are qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems. Psychiatrists deeply understand how physical and mental health can affect each other. They are trained to evaluate patients and determine whether their symptoms result from a physical illness, a combination of physical and mental ailments, or strictly mental issues.


Best Psychiatrist in Chittagong

Prof. Dr. Md Shofiul Hasan is the best Psychiatrist in Chittagong. His qualifications are MBBS and DPM. He is a Professor and Head of Psychiatry at the Institute of Applied Health Science, Chittagong. He regularly provides treatment to his patients at Chattagram Metropolitan Hashpatal. Appointment at 01810030998


What Does a Psychiatrist Do

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in preventing, diagnosing, and treating mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. They assess and diagnose mental illnesses, create treatment plans that may include medication and psychotherapy, and provide urgent care and long-term management for mental health conditions. Psychiatrists collaborate with other professionals and may perform procedures such as rTMS or ECT.


When to See a Psychiatrist

Knowing when to see a psychiatrist can be essential for addressing mental health concerns. Here are some common indicators that may suggest it's time to seek help from a psychiatrist:


1. Symptoms of Mental Health Conditions: If you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or others, it may be beneficial to consult with a psychiatrist. These professionals are trained to diagnose and treat various mental health disorders.

2. Referral from Primary Care Doctor or Therapist: Your primary care doctor or therapist may recommend seeing a psychiatrist if they believe it would benefit your mental health. They can provide a referral to help you find a psychiatrist who meets your specific needs.

3. Recommendations from Family or Friends: If you have family members or friends who have experienced mental health issues and have had positive experiences with a psychiatrist, their recommendations can be valuable in guiding your decision to seek help.

4. Online Directories and Resources: Online directories, such as the U.S. News doctor finder or psychiatric subspecialty websites, can help you find psychiatrists in your area. These resources provide information about their specialties, qualifications, and patient reviews.

5. Urgent Mental Health Concerns: If you or someone you know is experiencing urgent mental health issues, such as thoughts of self-harm or harm to others, it is crucial to seek immediate help. Psychiatrists can provide urgent care for such situations.

6. Unexplained Physical Symptoms: Recurring physical symptoms without a specific cause, such as stomach pain, headaches, or vague aches, can sometimes be related to mental health issues. Consulting with a psychiatrist can help determine if there is an underlying mental health component.

7. Lack of Improvement with Other Treatments: If you have been receiving treatment for a mental health condition but are not experiencing significant improvement, it may be beneficial to consult with a psychiatrist. They can assess your current treatment plan and explore alternative options.


Prof. Dr. Md Shofiul Hasan, a highly qualified psychiatrist, is renowned as the best in Chittagong. With his expertise and experience, he provides exceptional treatment in Chittagong.